TED-ED Riddle: Can you escape the zombies? 

You know, while that internship was awesome, you shouldn’t have pushed the flashing red button. Curiousity did kill the cat you know.

Now you’re on the run from hungry zombies with your professor, the lab assistant, and the janitor. You have to make it across the bridge in 17 min or you’ll be eaten alive!

Each person, including you, has a time constraint. Check out this board to challenge your math skills and your survival skills.

For the answer, watch the video below. Answer can be found at the 2 min mark.

Happy Halloween!



Superitions Door Decs

It’s October! And here’s an door dec to go along with the creepy theme of the month – Halloween. 

Everyone on the floor got a door dec that has a superstition from around the world. Many are unique and maybe strange, but different cultures believe in different things, such as the one in the picture from Poland. 

So, if you have time, check out everyone’s superstition, and you’ll just how superstitious the world is. 


Global Diversity Awareness Month

It’s Global Diversity Awareness Month! This month we celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds of everyone in the world. Including you. You have a unique background that makes you diverse and amazing.

This board lists some of the unique facts about our world and some specific countries and their culture. Did you know in Argentina that instead of birthday spanks, they pull ears instead? Either one hurts so.

Check out this board when you have a chance and see how diverse the world is. It’s amazing. 😀


Community Night Fun!

Each week Bridgeway Commons hosts Community Night, a night where all residents of BWC are invited to a night of fun. We hear what is going on on campus, vote on funding requests and policy changes, discuss issues impacting campus, and play fun games.

Above are a few pictures from past community nights. As you know, Will is on the HITs team and is very out-going (and competitive. Musical chairs is dangerous). Katie and Makayela had fun at their first one – hopefully they will come again. And Brynna is the best at games. She just has this demeanor that says “I’m going to kick your butt at this game. Bring it”.

Come join these awesome residents as we help impact campus and have fun with other residents from different floors.


Halloween Bingo

Halloween is coming up, and CPR put on an awesome event: Bingo! They gave away a lot of food and passport funds. I sat with two of my old residents, Rene and Kendra (right) and talked with my current, Katie. We had a lot of fun (though not many of us won – I won some passport funds.)

A friend of Rene and Kendra gave them food he won because he didn’t want them. They were pretty thrilled. Katie said she had a lot of fun not doing homework and relaxing (despite the tension in the room due to the desire to win).

We all had a lot of fun playing bingo. Next semester, I hope to see more people! It is too much fun not to go.