Drunk Goggles with Officer Osborne

Teaming up with Beth, the awesome RA from 3 East, we put on an awesome program in which we discussed drunk driving, and then tried to simulate the feeling of drunk driving while playing Mario Kart with drunk goggles.

It was hilarious!

And educational.

Officer Osborne told us that 2000 people drive under the influence. It’s really bad. He said it’s usually at night (of course). He also said that if you are coming back drunk from downtown, or anywhere, and ask for an escort, you will not be written up; for, you are taking action to make sure you make it back safely.

Now, while playing Mario Kart was highly entertaining, it was also a great learning experience. The main complaint of everyone was the blurry vision that caused you to overreach and miss-see the screen. Image that while you’re driving on the road. A pedestrian could look to be several feet away when really you are about to plow right into them.

The event isn’t to discourage drinking – it’s to encourage drinking responsibly. Know your limits. If you don’t feel like you can get yourself home, call the police and have them help you.

The police aren’t out to get you. They just want to make sure you stay safe.

Planning to do this event next year!



Vacation Essentials


Spring Break is here and gone. Yet, we can still go on vacation at any time. So, if you are planning something for the summer, or are planning to go aboard, check out this board. It has several things on it that everyone should have when going on vacation.


Love and Your Zodiac Sign

What does your Zodiac Sign say about you and love? Do you fall hard and quickly? Are you someone that takes a long time to say “I love you”? Well, for a funny and possibly highly accurate (at for me it is) description, go ahead to the link below to find out.

First things first: What is love?



Note: I made a board, but forgot to take a picture. But hey! You can find all of it at the link above.