Bridgeway Halloween Bash!

Halloween! A great time to party with friends.

A week ago, we had our Halloween party here in Bridgeway. We had a bunch of games like Pin the Head on the Skeleton, Corn hole, and Witchhat Ring Toss. We played the movie Beetlejuice. Oddly, I still haven’t seen that movie all the way through (I had rounds in the middle of the party!)

We had a ton of food. Cupcakes made by Ellie; veggie trays that looked like a witch and pumpkin; dirt cups with surprises hidden in the dirt; and a lot more. It was a ton of food that we still have leftovers.

Everyone that came had a blast. If you look at the pictures, you can see some of us dressed up in different costumes. I went as a pirate (again). Some of the girls that came dressed up as skeletons and vampires. There were a lot of cool costumes.

Lastly, I found out that playing Blockus with Jake N., Dan from 3rd floor, and RA Gus is very intense, but a lot of fun. 😀



Valentine’s Day Card Craft fun!

Last Saturday, I hosted a Valentine’s Day Card Craft program.

My awesome residents – Rene, Kendra, Brittany, and Brynna – showed up to have fun with a bunch of glitter, glue, and paper.

We listened to music, crafted, and talked about whatever. I just wish I had food at the time. 😀

Hope your Valentine’s Day goes great for you!



Springo Bingo was a No Go

Yeah, none of us won. Jesse, the guy in the red T-shirt, did twice, but none of us. As you see from the card above in the middle, I got pretty dang close. Of course, it wasn’t meant to be.

Despite all that, we still had fun, though only a few of us sat next to each other. But who cares! It’s bingo, and it was fun. Tense, but fun.



Day in the lounge

Yesterday was a very difficult day for many individuals on campus with the gun scare. After class got canceled many people ended up congregating in the lounge and supporting eachother. Many people were out there for hours while others stopped by. During this time much chatting, food cooking, homework and support for the possible tragedy took place. Keep being awesome!

Football Game

I saw many of you at the football game and it was wonderful… yet cold! We have a football player living on the wing so it was wonderful seeing many of you supporting the team while you enjoyed your free hotdog and popcorn. I had a wonderful time interacting with many of your and trying to figure out ways to warm up! Although they might have lost, it was still great to see such a wonderful school supporting our wonderful Football team.