Star Gazing with Katie Rabidoux


“Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight” are…

A whole boat load of them.

Last Thursday me and several residents met up with my Astronomy teacher, Dr. Katie Rabidoux to go star gazing on the roof of Otts. It was amazing! Cold, but amazing!

We got to see see the stars through binoculars, which there are many more than meets the eye. We got to see the Pleiades, the Big Dipper, Cassiopeia, Aldebaran, and many more stars.

Here’s what we learned.

  1. Most of the star we see in the sky are larger than the sun
  2. The Pleiades is a group of newly formed large stars that are in the shape of a hook. Kerri and Kelsey pointed out that it looks like the hook from Moana. I then pointed out that ancient Polynesians used a navigation system to travel on the ocean. (I remembered from class!)
  3. Aldebaran, the large red star beneath the Pleiades, is a red giant whose energy is contracting constantly that it looks like it is blinking.
  4. We learned how to find the north star.
  5. We learned that many of the stars we see are thousands of miles apart. They just look close to us.

We learned a lot of other things as well, I just can’t remember them all. 😀 (Feel free to stop by and I’ll show you my Astronomy book if you want to read anything about stars).

While it was cold, I’m still happy my residents had a good time.