Save a Life: Donating Blood

Donating blood can sound scary. A person sticking a needle into you to draw out a pint of blood. That’s just a generalization of what happens. You’ve heard the horror stories.

Well, not all horror stories are true. Donating blood is a simple and quick process (well, depending on how fast your blood comes out. Lol) it’s a process that can help save 3 lives! Right now there are many that need those pints because of the trade goes that have happened in our nation.

This board provides an overview of the pros of giving blood and why we do. While our blood drive is over, you can still go to a blood bank and donate. Patients around the nation are waiting for blood. You could be that person to help them.

So, if you want to donate or simply want to know more, head over to this board in the ELEVATOR BAY to learn more. 🙂

Go save a life!



Pumpkin Spice: Yes or No? 

Pumpkin Spice. 

It’s gotten into everything. Drinks. Cereal. Donuts. Pizza!!

It all started with the latte and will continue to grow. So, is it amazing? Or is it too much? Or do you not care as long as you get your caffeine fix? 

Voice your opinion on this board! All opinions are worth expressing. Plus, if you want to argue your stance, there is room off to the side to do so. 

So, come to this Debatable board (like Buzzfeed) and tell us what do you think. 

Pumpkin Spice: Good or Bad?


TED-ED Riddle: Can you escape the zombies? 

You know, while that internship was awesome, you shouldn’t have pushed the flashing red button. Curiousity did kill the cat you know.

Now you’re on the run from hungry zombies with your professor, the lab assistant, and the janitor. You have to make it across the bridge in 17 min or you’ll be eaten alive!

Each person, including you, has a time constraint. Check out this board to challenge your math skills and your survival skills.

For the answer, watch the video below. Answer can be found at the 2 min mark.

Happy Halloween!


Global Diversity Awareness Month

It’s Global Diversity Awareness Month! This month we celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds of everyone in the world. Including you. You have a unique background that makes you diverse and amazing.

This board lists some of the unique facts about our world and some specific countries and their culture. Did you know in Argentina that instead of birthday spanks, they pull ears instead? Either one hurts so.

Check out this board when you have a chance and see how diverse the world is. It’s amazing. 😀


National Leukemia Month


It’s National Leukemia Month! On this board you’ll find out facts about those who have leukemia. Note: Orange is the national color for leukemia. To show your support, wear some orange.

Some facts include:

  • Leukemia is the 10th most frequently occurring type of cancer in all races or ethnicity
  • Over 1 million Americans are living with , or are in remission from, leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma.
  • Approximately every 10 minutes, someone in the US dies from a blood cancer.

The facts on the board were taken from the American Cancer Society. There are many sites that can provide more information about leukemia.


Hire Me: The Right Clothes for the Job


The career fair is this week! (Where did time go?) A lot of employers and a few schools (graduate schools) will be there waiting to talk to you about yourself. Scary thought. But don’t show up in jeans, a t-shirt, and holey shoes. You need to look spiffy.

Don’t go all out and wear a tux (though, you will impress a lot of people). Wear nice dress pants – black, blue, gray, tan, etc., a nice skirt (not a mini skirt), a nice shirt with a blazer, or a dress (that’s not too short). If you need some ideas, check out this board. It will help you dress for success.

If you are lacking a clothing, stop by the Career and Professional Development center. Their Pioneer Career Closet is available to you if you need a nice shirt, some pants, or want a dress to wear. They have a lot that you have many options.

Make sure your resume is update to date too! The board has some helpful tips for updating your resume. Also, check out the Career and Professional Development center’s website at