Who’s Your RA on 1C?


By now you should have seen me around the wing. It’s not hard to miss one of the few Asians on this campus walking up and down your wing. 😀

I’ve got to know a few of you. I know all your names, a few of your likes, and your majors. I hope to keep getting to know all of you. In return, I hope you want to know about me as well.

This lovely board – and the one in the elevator bay – are an “About Me” board in which you can learn a few insights into my life. For example, I love Game of Thrones and Denali National Park. As you can tell by the wing, I love the beach as well. (Stop by my room if you want to see more)

If you see something on this board that you are curious about, or that you have in common with me, feel free to stop by and chat. I’d be happy to talk with any of you. Believe me, I don’t know how many conversations about Game of Thrones I’ve already had. I really love that show. 😀



Resource Islands

Need to find out where to find information about events on campus? Or what about a place that can help you with that awful English paper you don’t know how to write? What about getting help with that math class that goes waaaay too fast?

Well, do some island hopping and stop over at the Resource Islands board. It has many resources free for students on campus on each island. Additionally, there are some services and events posted for each resource. If you are looking for hours for the desk or Stations, stop here. They are listed on the left! The bus schedule and routes, posted as well.

If you are looking for a resource, stop here first. If your resource isn’t an island, let me know. I’d be happy to add it. 😀


Float into the New Year with Ease

Last year not go as well as you wanted it? Or do you want to just want to make sure everything goes smoothly this year?

Well, stop over to this board to learn some tips and tricks to get through this school year with ease. Some include:

  • Use a planner to keep yourself on track
  • See your professor’s office hours for help
  • Make sure to mark down any due dates for projects
  • Get a good amount of sleep every night
  • Make sure you do stuff for yourself this year

All of the tips and tricks are designed to help you use your skills to tackle this year head on with your best efforts. If you want more help, talk to an upperclassman, your adviser, or an academic adviser on campus. There are plenty of resources for you to use to make this year amazing.


Welcome to Saint Lucia

Welcome to Saint Lucia – 1st Floor Center Wing of Bridgeway Commons!

So, if you haven’t noticed yet, the hall’s theme this year is island. 1 Center’s theme is Saint Lucia, an island in the Caribbean. Saint Lucia is filled with lush greenery and amazing landscapes and a diverse culture. In the picture, you see the Pitons, which are some of the tallest mountains found on the island.

Around the hall you’ll see beach scenes, which are to get you immersed in the beach life. Additionally, as you go farther down the hall, you’ll see yourself progressing underwater. Saint Lucia has a lot of wildlife and sealife. Most of the sea life on the wing are crabs and seahorses, but each one has your name on it. See if you can find it.

Welcome 1 Center. Hopefully bringing the beach to you.