Love and Your Zodiac Sign

What does your Zodiac Sign say about you and love? Do you fall hard and quickly? Are you someone that takes a long time to say “I love you”? Well, for a funny and possibly highly accurate (at for me it is) description, go ahead to the link below to find out.

First things first: What is love?


Note: I made a board, but forgot to take a picture. But hey! You can find all of it at the link above.




Gong Hey Fat Choy! (Happy Chinese New Year!)

Hello everyone!

Gong Hey Fat Choy! (Cantonese) Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Mandarin)

Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s odd that the Chinese New Year falls in January. Sometimes it’s in February. But guess what? It’s amazing. Besides celebrating the nation I came from with family and friends, it’s an amazing excuse to eat as much Chinese food that I want.

This year is the Year of the Rooster.

The rooster is flamboyant, competitive, and out-spoken.

Famous roosters include: Eric Clapton, Katharine Hepburn, James Mason, Dolly Parton, Richard Wagner.

Though, does anyone know how the animals became a part of the Chinese Zodiac? Or how the Chinese New Year animal is determined? Probably only a few. Well, here’s a short video that will explain everything.

The Chinese New Year is an amazing time for many people in the world. I love it because it’s a celebration of my heritage. I hope everyone has a great Chinese New Year, 2017.

Gong Hey Fat Choy!


P.S. I’m a Wood Dog.