But I’m a Freshman. Why should I go to the Career Fair?

Hi everyone!

So, you think that just because you’re a freshman that you don’t need to go to the Career Fair? Well, Jennifer Williamson, Director of the Academic and Career Advising Center, would disagree. Here is what she said:

Tayte: Even though they are freshmen, do you think they should go to the career fair?

Jen: Yes. Get involved right away. Impressions last, especially if you are volunteering for the career fair. Employers will remember you later on if they meet you right away. Plus, it is a good time to figure out how companies, especially ones you want to work for, hire interns.

Tayte: What tips do you have for freshmen?

Jen: Don’t get offended if an employer doesn’t engage you a lot. You’re a freshman, and they are looking for upperclassmen.

Dress  and communicate professionally.

Bring a pad and pen to take notes

Have questions prepared, like “How do you hire your interns?” or “What do you like about working here?”

Tayte: Should freshmen go as a group?

Jen: I think freshman should go to Velzy as a group, but wander around the career fair in pairs. If an employer see a huge group of people walking over to him/her, they are going to get intimidated. One or two people is more personal.

Tayte: Should a freshman bring their resume?

Jen: Yes, especially if you want an internship next year or a part time job..


There you have it! Straight from the director’s brain.






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