Spa Night during Women’s Week



12822987_1040386412671677_1500991622_o.jpgMany of you ladies may have heard of Spa night this past week during women’s week! This was a wonderful event with a great message! We started out by making lip gloss and then we all made heating pad! Next, many ladies put on face masks and pampered themselves while listening to a wonderful presentation by Bailey called, “Love your selfie”. Her presentation was very powerful about how selfies should be looked at in a positive way because it captures who we are as individuals and how we should love who we are and who we are becoming. To wrap up this amazing event, many of the ladies stood in front of the white board and everyone else wrong positive traits, characteristics and qualities about the  person. It was just incredible. Just always remember… in this massive world, there is no one who is as good as being you as YOU!


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